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73 Reichardt Road

Winnellie NT 0820

Providing a range of construction materials for the development of industrial, residential and commercial projects since 1997, HB Blocks and Pavers can be walked on, sat on and leaned against throughout Darwin and the greater Territory.

For a material measured in millimetres, accuracy and reliability are vital. A vigorously progressive company, HB utilises state of the art technology with touch screen PLC’s which ensure precision. Being compact and streamlined also decreases safety hazards at ground level, further reinforcing efficiency with the overall result of more efficient production and cost saving to both the provider and the consumer.

As the only supplier in Darwin with two production machines, HB Blocks and Pavers are able to produce both simultaneously, which enable us to produce more than 9,000 blocks per day, going all day every day for optimum yield to meet customer needs. This also allows them to take on the technical challenge of a special request order without impacting on their standard production range.

With their technological advances, speed, accuracy, proficiency and commitment to customer satisfaction it is unsurprising that HB Blocks and Pavers are the choice of architects, engineers, builders and construction companies across the Territory.

HB Blocks and Pavers are capable of delivering more than 43,000 blocks(400 pallets) in both Darwin and Palmerston within one business day with a fleet of four trucks and four forklifts.

HB Blocks is the only Masonry product supplier in Darwin with NATA Certified ISO 9001 Quality Assurance.

Preferred Supplier of Quality Blocks & Pavers on the following Major Projects: